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Life as it is now...

The time is now 7.10am, the alarm has just gone off. Time to get out of bed. Finally out of bed by 8.00am time for a wash and then of to work. No time for breakfast unless I get up earlier. Already tired and I must now transfer into my car and then get my wheelchair stowed away. Well finally in my car and ready to set of for work. The time is now 8.15am.

Arrived at work at 8.30am. Must now get the wheelchair and myself out of the car. It is raining as well! Just got inside the building ready for work at 8.50am.

Finished work at 4.00 pm so off I head to my car. Finally got in the car at 4.15 pm (no longer raining but extremely tired from the days work). Arrived home at 4.30 pm. Finally got inside my flat about 5.00 pm, particularly tired now, starving too but cannot make an evening meal yet or a cup of tea as I am too tired and it would be dangerous for me to handle hot kettles or even empty cups. If I drop a cup and break it, I could get a puncture.

The time is now 6.00 pm feel recovered enough to make a cup of tea and a meal. 7.00 pm have finished the meal and washed up, now must get my clothes ready for tomorrow and wash my hair. The time is now 7.30 pm and I really am bushed. Time to relax and do nothing.

11.30 pm fell asleep so now I shall go to bed after I have visited the toilet. Finally transfered into bed and ready to go to sleep about midnight. Woke up about 2.30 am, felt really thirsty so drank the water by my bed (Good job I thought about that before I went to bed). Woke up around 4.20 am needing another drink. Made a decision, must get up and get a drink. Have to get dressed first as I need my clothes on to pull my body about. Finally get back to bed about 4.50am. The alarm wakes me up at 7.10am again. There has got to be an easier life some how!! What about this Shadow project!

Life with a SHADOW....

The time is now 7.30 am, the alarm has just gone off. Time to get out of bed. Arnie (My name for my Shadow Robot) Pass my underpants, trousers, socks and sweatshirt.... Arnie make me some tea....

Got out of bed by 7.50 am (Had a good nights sleep and I do not seem to be so tired these day.) Had a wash and before that Arnie had brought in a cup of tea while I was getting dressed.

Feeling really good, ready for work just have to transfer into my car. Arnie hold the chair (It makes sure it doesnt slip away. One more less worry)

In the car now.

Arnie put the wheelchair in the boot.

It seems to take so long before it gets into the car. Set of for work about 8.30 am and arrive at work about 8.45 am.

Arnie get the wheelchair out the car. Arnie hold the wheelchair. Arnie push me up the ramp into the building. The time is 8.55 am.

The rest of the day Arnie will push me any long distances I have to go.

Finish work at 4.00 pm and head to my car. Feeling a little bit tired.

Arnie hold the chair. Arnie put the chair in the boot. Arnie get in the car.

Arrive home about 4.25 pm

Arnie get the chair out the car. Arnie hold the chair. Arnie push me up the ramp. Arnie make me a cup if tea.

I shall make the evening meal and after shall wash my hair. Finished all this by 5.30 pm. It is a Friday night and I am ready for an full on Techno night.

Arnie do whatever SHADOWS need to do.


Arrive back about 10.30 am not feeling to hot.

Arnie hold the chair (Getting into bed) Arnie get a bowl (Just in case) Arnie get a glass of water (feeling very thirsty!) (Also helps me with the loo)

Well what a difference Arnie makes to my life! I can ask for help non-stop without any guilt, that in itself feels great. It is so good not having to ask and ask and ask and ask!!!

I wonder what else it can do for me. The list is endless.

I as a physically challenged person need a SHADOW in my life. I also know it can be done!

Please help me by helping the SHADOW project even if you can only help by spreading the positive word about SHADOW.

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