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  The Shadow Robot Company returned from Japan, after exhibiting at Robodex 2002 in Yokohama. Being the only foreign exhibitors at the show and surrounded by some of the best in Japanese robot design, we had expected to be totally humiliated. How can a tiny company, from a country with almost no robot industry, not look foolish beside the robot giants, with fancy new walking robots?

[Could this be the most humiliating moment of my life?]


But the show was much more successful that we could have hoped, and the Smart Award Hand Arm System proved extremely popular.

[No, it's going to be OK]

People enjoyed jumping and screaming as the 35 Air Muscles in the forearm bulged like Popeye. Being the only robot at the show that people could touch, it was also popular with the two blind visitors, who hadn't thought much of the show until then.

Hi 5

During this relentless work schedule (including much grabbing and poking by onlookers) the arm suffered only a few minor mechanical faults, and was able to continue working as it was repaired.

Scissors, Stone, Paper?

Our small stand was packed throughout each day, as the arm continuously demo'd its full range of movements, and dexterous fingers, as the crowds were less impressed by the hourly demos at the other stands.

O, check this out then....

Ever since the pigeon feeder robot experience, we have vowed that our robots should be robust under extreme circumstances, and our efforts have paid off.



The Lego Hand had a sign next to it saying 'Please Touch' in Japanese. This was throughly appreciated by the children, who could see the air muscles working at their command.

Finally, I am in control

Much interest was shown in the Biped, as all the electronics, tubes and wires were visible.

It was only a feww moments at the compressor, is this punishment not a tad over the top?


We would like to express our thanks again to the organisers of the show, who brought it all together with amazing speed and efficiency, and who kindly helped us with our every need. We especially wish to thank Mr Hayashi, the Chief Producer of PEP Planning, and our skillful interpreters.

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